A true student-teacher relationship pt. 2

I laid in bed while my sister and teacher were still fucking in the bed next to me.As I tried to fall asleep, I couldn’t because of their constant screaming, gushing sounds of semen, ass pounding,gagging, slapping, vibrating from her strange white wand, and from my nagging pussy, I didn’t know what to do to calm it down.I awoke to see nothing but her pussy on my face and felt a hard cock in my ass. They were still fucking!!!I then looked off to the side to see a video camera, my teacher was still video taping everything, then I thought, it was always there, in the classroom, me and my sister’s fight, the kitchen, roof, and all night!!I got dressed so did they, he was still jacking off, she was still rubbing her pussy.When we got into his car she was sucking his cock, and then riding it while he was driving. On the why there a high school girl saw and walked up to the window, she madeout with my sister and sucked my teacher’s cock a bit.A cop spotted us and approached us, I said yes finally the fuck fest is over, but no, he just started jacking off. Then the passenger window was lowered and he fucked my sister as my teacher fucked the girl who bent over with her ass just over the window.Suddenly all four began to scream. Next I was pulled out of the car by the cop. All four people came out and began to cum all over my face!! I didn’t know girls could cum! The girl licks off all the cum.Afterward they pull out that random glass again and she spits it in there. Once again I am forced to swallow it all, all 42 ounces of them.

Finally we arrive at school, and Mr. Sage is about to cum again and I say I know what to do and just reach up to him and swallow his cum.All school day passes when I go to the restroom to investigate my pussy’s dilemma.In there were my teacher and sister fucking again!!!I just sit there, until he cums on the toilet seat, I say aww come on. I lick it up and spit it on the cup again, 8 ounces this time, and swallow.Next Im in English whenever they bring me a package, I opened it and it was a glass, THE glass filled with about 7 ounces of Mr. Sage’s cum, and 12 of my sister’s. So I just swallowed.The kid who brought the package strangely video taped me with the camera.The package also has a pass to his class, so I just go.When I walk in I suddenly remembered this was when the college interns visit him.The whole class was in an all out orgy.And of course my sister was there taking Mr. Sage’s cock in her ass.About three guys take me and undress me, all the while girls suck their cocks.They take turns licking my nipples, kissing me, and ass fucking me.The camera was still there,and finally as the whole class room is moaning, all the guys cum and fuck my ass, one by one, cumming, then the girls grind their pussies against my gaping semen drenched asshole. They cum too. I lick off all the cum from the girls and guys, spit in the glass numerous times,12 males, and 9 females filled 130 ounces of delicious cum, which I drank.

Mr. Sage’s class finally comes, as I walk in the kids just sit there, and only I can tell he’s jacking off behind his desk.Halfway through the class he calls me over.I know what to do, so I go under his desk and suck out, spit out, and drink out 5 ounces of cum.The teacher then says sit down, class do you know what an orgy is? The typical perverts and whores scream out yes! He says, then today’s assignment, lets have a school wide orgy!!! The principal comes on and announces that to the whole school.My class strips naked and fucks itself.This time I run out, and see that all classes are fucking, even students fucking teachers.Mr. Sage chases me down.Suddenly my sister, Cindy, appears naked chasing me too.Unfortunately they catch me, this time, with a rope.I am taken to the cafeteria, where students not only fuck each other, but also the food.I am tied up and placed on the stage.All 275 students, and 36 faculty members are ordered to cum on my ass.Sadly, not all are ready, Cindy tells them, just fuck her ass, she likes it there. So they do.When they cum in there, I have to lick off the remains from their dick, and spit it into the cup placed in front of me.When one guy was done, the other licked it off my ass and spit in my mouth, then I spit in the cup.After the 275 students, it was the faculty’s turn. Strangely, this school only had workers under the age of 30, all very fuckable, if only I wasn’t tied up.My ass couldn’t take it any longer, all 36 workers were done,and Cindy and Mr. Sage came together, him in my ass, her on his dick, of course I had to lick his dick and her pussy.When they were all done,I was given a big jug with 2191 ounces of cum for me to drink for the rest of the day.Class was dismissed and I walked home, but nobody wanted to give me my clothes, so I walked home naked.

Two 27 year old guys run towards me, I don’t even bother, they take me to their car. I say no need, just fuck me outside. So I’m laid on the hood of their car as one fucks my asswhile I suck the other’s dick.Then both manage to stick their cock in my ass, and just fuck away. One of them records with a familiar camera.When they cum one licks the inside of my ass and spits into the cup again, and he says, your sister told me to do this, so I drink 16 and a ½ ounces of cum.

I keep walking and see two girls sucking a guys cock on the park bench, before he cums I see the cup and let him pour all six ounces which I drink.He says here Mr. Sage forgot to give this to Cindy.He shoves all 6 inches of her vibrator up my ass and sets it to extremely high-maximum level.He attaches what is called a chastity belt and locks it.I can’t take it off, nor the vibrator.As I run home my best friend Ellie spots me. For some reason, she knew the combination lock and unlocks it, and takes off the vibrator. I screamed out thank you, then I realized, she came on me too! Oh no I licked her pussy!She now smiles, and walks me all the way home, and for some reason, began to suck on the vibrator…










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